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Losing Your Home is Not an Option…Getting the Keys to Your Home was a Dream Come True

There is No Reason For  a Homeowner Like You to Lose Your Home When It is So Easy to Defend It!” Call Today (414) 647-2222 for Your FREE Copy of “The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin”

Remember how hard you worked to get your home… all the scrimping and saving… working extra hours to get the down payment? And the dreams you had… a home of your own… king or queen of your own castle… a place you and your family could call their own. No landlord… no neighbors with a squeaky bed upstairs.

Remember how happy everyone was the day you took those new keys and unlocked the door to your very own home. You finally had your piece of the pie… the Great American Dream… a home of your own.

Life was good!


And then it hit the fan.

They didn’t tell you what “Adjustable Rate” really meant until you got the news that you were going to have to pay hundreds of dollars a month more… and your family budget was already stretched as tight as a drum. Or you lost one of your jobs and couldn’t quite make the payments.

Whatever the cause, now some cold-hearted banker or mortgage company wants to destroy your dream… throw you out on the street with nothing to show for all the money you spent, the time you invested, and all your family dreams. They’re telling you to pack your family memories in a card board box and hit the bricks.

Even worse…

It seems like somebody slapped a big “Kick Me!” sign on your back. Every slime-ball in town wants  a piece of you… real estate agents wanting to sell your dream for a song, and not even the whole song, the first verse will do… mortgage rescue scams are swarming around like rats in a tenement. Everybody wants your home.

That’s why I am giving you “The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin” FREE!

All you have to ask!

Attorney Edward Harness

I’m Ed Harness, a Wisconsin consumer protection lawyer.  In this special report, I share with you:

  • NINE Secrets of defending your foreclosure
  • SIX of the serious mistakes lenders make in foreclosure cases
  • TEN warning signs that a foreclosure rescue scammer has set his sights on you
  • FOUR of your important legal rights in a foreclosure case
  • SIX ways to attack the lender’s foreclosure case
  • FOUR mistakes that will lose your case right from the start… and how to avoid them
  • THREE ways to tell if you have the wrong attorney… including:
  • How to tell a paper-pusher from a fighter
  • What to do when you find the right attorney for your case
  • AND more…

This special report is my gift to you… no strings attached.


Why Am I Doing This?

Because like you, my parents, worked hard every day to make ends meet. They struggled like hell to make a good life for our family. I remember what a big, huge deal it was for my Mom when she got her first home… and how proud my Dad was to provide it for our family. I believe your home is just as important to you. This FREE special report, “The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin” is just a small pay-back to the community I in and still support.

I’ll send your copy the same day. Free. Gratis. With my compliments.

Your Situation May Look Awful, But It Is NOT Hopeless!

Look, it’s true that right now you have a big, Goliath-looking bank threatening to take your home and throw your family out on the streets. They will do exactly that if you let them. And, if you don’t do anything you will end up broke and homeless.

You have dozens and dozens of people claiming their scheme will help you keep your house… but after they stick their hand in your pocket and swipe a couple thousand of your hard earned dollars, they vanish into the night, leaving you broke and homeless.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these scams:

  • No matter what you read in the paper, you know the truth… your mortgage company isn’t going to work with you. They would already be doing that if it were true.
  • Some of these guys claim they can get the mortgage company to “modify” your loan. If your mortgage company was really willing to modify your loan, don’t you think they might have mentioned it to you? After all, foreclosure is more expensive and risky for them.
  • One of the craziest scams is “forbearance”. While it is true that this can be done in rare circumstances, the window of opportunity opens briefly if at all. You almost have to plan ahead to even try this. A successful forbearance is so rare that you’d have a better chance winning Lotto.
  • Real estate people offer all sorts of “mortgage rescue” scams. No matter what they say, they all want the same thing… your home. And they plan to get it cheap.

The whole point of these “deals” is like sharks and blood in the water. They’re coming in for the kill. All they really want is to kick you to the curb so they can sell your home and make a fortune for themselves.

In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported a “new wave of fraud” affecting “thousands upon thousands” of homeowners. The F.B.I. is investigating more than 1,200 mortgage fraud cases with more being added every day.


Protect yourself from this new wave of fraud. “The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure” shows you how.

Let Me Share a Secret That Terrifies Banks and Mortgage Companies…

You might not realize it, but while they were hurrying to get you signed up for a mortgage, mortgage brokers and real estate agents sometimes cut a few regulatory corners.

In their haste to make more money selling loans like yours to hedge funds and other wealthy investors, they got sloppy… they made mistakes… big time mistakes. The paperwork for loans like yours got shuffled from one bank to the next… from one swindler to the next… in their big real estate poker game. Stuff got lost. Important stuff… some so serious that the mortgage could be rescinded and torn up if they can’t prove you owe them the money.

foreclosure-crisis…Far More of These Documents Have Been Lost Than Bankers Admit!

For example, Citibank and Wells Fargo tried to tell an Atlanta court that Zella Mae Green, a 68-year old seamstress, had not made a house payment in nine years. They couldn’t find her payment record.

Katherine Porter, a University of Iowa law professor, studied hundreds these cases and found that lenders routinely fail to file required documents in bankruptcy cases to prove what consumers owe. And their accounting systems, she said, make it hard for them to track the history of payments over the life of a loan.

The bank or mortgage company that is trying to throw you out of your home could suffer from the same sloppy bookkeeping!

This is just one of the secrets revealed in”The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin” . Call (414) 647-2222 today for your FREE copy.


I’ve been going on for awhile let me introduce myself.

Here’s Who I Am

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m Ed Harness, raised by parents who struggled like hell to make ends meet. If you were an employer wanting to hire me, you’d probably ask for a resume. Here are a few points you ought to know about me:

  • I have been helping hundreds of families end their bill problems, save their homes, and secure their financial future
  • Developed cutting edge tactics and techniques for protecting consumers against bill collectors
  • I am a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy using the U.S. Bankruptcy Code
  • I am included in the list of Milwaukee’s Top Rated Lawyers, for the years 2012 – 2015 in the area of Consumer Bankruptcy.
  • Member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, the largest organization of bankruptcy lawyers dedicated to helping Americans experiencing bill problems.
  • I’m a volunteer with Make A Difference Wisconsin a non-profit organization brining financial literacy education to high school kids throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Here’s How I Can Help

First, I’m offering you hope… not magic… not miracles… but a track record of proven results.

Imagine keeping your home… your kids get to sleep in the same beds, go to the same school, and keep their friends… having some time to make up the payments you missed… having time to get the current problems in your life straightened out.

Those are the results I’m talking about.

We can achieve these results in bankruptcy court. Now, I know that you have heard a lot of negative things about bankruptcy… shameful… immoral… a stain on your reputation and credit. I used to believe that too. My Dad believed that.

But then I discovered the truth…

Congress passed the Federal Bankruptcy Code to rescue normal everyday working Americans from the clutches of these greedy swindlers. Your Congressman knows that in tough time like these, bad things do happen to good people, so they set up legal rescue process – the bankruptcy laws.

In fact, Congress recently listened to the average American working family, felt their pain, and passed the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009 and it could be the best news you’ve heard… ever!

The banks and mortgage companies hate it and they’re trying to get it changed, but if we act right now you can get the judge to make major changes…  in your favor… to your mortgage!

The truth is bankruptcy is there to help you.

While we’re on the topic…

7 Things Most People Don’t Know About Bankruptcy…

Filing bankruptcy DOES NOT make you a bad person. Congress passed the bankruptcy laws to help individuals and businesses with severe financial problems get a fresh financial start and become productive members of society again.

Filing bankruptcy DOES NOT make you a “loser”. Many famous people such as Larry King, Walt Disney, Donald Trump and even former President Ulysses S. Grant filed for bankruptcy.

You DO NOT lose your car and your home when you file bankruptcy. Most people get to keep all their belongings when they file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy WILL NOT ruin your credit. Filing for bankruptcy will actually improve your credit score because the world will see you’re taking care of your bills rather than running from them.

You CAN file alone. Your spouse doesn’t have to file with you.

Your name WILL NOT be in the newspaper. While it is true that bankruptcy is on the public record, nobody finds out unless they go to the court and specifically search for your name.

Bankruptcy IS NOT expensive. “Expensive” is a relative term. Think about the costs of finding a new apartment, paying all the deposits, transferring your utility bills… the phone… cable TV, hiring movers, paying to store furniture that won’t fit in your new apartment, and all the rest.

I have to tell you, bankruptcy isn’t for everyone, but for the right person in a situation like yours, it’s the best way to secure your future. However, it isn’t necessary in every foreclosure case.

When You Ask For My Help, Here’s What Will Happen…

  • First, we ask the court to put your foreclosure on hold while I dig through their paperwork searching for errors. This will also give you some time to work out your finances.
  • Next, we turn the tables and force the Mortgage Company or bank to deal with you.
  • If I find that they made errors, cut corners, or failed to comply with every regulatory requirement, we’ll sue them and get you money.
  • We will force them to account for every penny and make them answer for all their lies.
  • In the end, you will still have your home and you will have the time and opportunity to get your financial situation straightened out,

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed…

If, for any reason, are not absolutely, positively satisfied with the service I provide, no problem.  Just ask and I will give you back 100% of the money you paid me. I won’t keep a dime.  No hassles, no problems.

Just to be clear, I cannot guarantee the outcome of your case and I cannot return filing fees paid to the court. Those are outside my control.

You will find more information about the process in “The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin” . Call today for your FREE copy. It will give you a lot of unbiased information about defending your foreclosure.


Don’t Let Your Dream Die… There is Still Time to Save Your Home!

Of course, it is your choice. If you want to pay thousands of dollars to the scammers, go for it… if you feel like spending hundreds of hours on the phone with the mortgage company only to be told at the last minute that they can’t help, it’s your choice.

But if you want real results, real fast, make this choice… call me today at (414) 647-2222.

When you call, remember:

  • There will be no charge to have me review your situation
  • You will be under no obligation whatsoever!
  • If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know immediately. I refuse to waste your time or your money.
  • And, I absolutely will not offer you false hope. No lies here, only an honest assessment of the truth

If you do choose to allow me to work with you, you get a regular hard-working American lawyer and all my experience as a proud defender of consumers… regular hard working Americans like you… and my Dad.

You Don’t Need to Make a Decision Today, But…

The foreclosure clock is ticking. However, I’m not going to try steamrolling you like the bank is. I’m simply asking you to pick up your phone and call my office at (414) 647-2222 and ask for your FREE copy of“The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin”. I want you to make an informed decision.

Read it and then decide what you want to do. When you make your decision, it is easy to take action… Call for an appointment.

The number is (414) 647-2222

P.S. Remember, whether you ultimately decide you want to pay thousands of dollars to the scammers, or if you decide to spend hundreds of hours on the phone with the mortgage company only to be told at the last minute that they can’t help, your FREE copy of“The Consumer’s Guide to Defending Foreclosure in Wisconsin” will help you make a smart, informed decision.

Call (414) 647-2222 today to get your copy – No cost, no obligation.

P.P.S. If you want real results, real fast, make this choice… call me today at (414) 647-2222.


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